Freddie scores A* on all 10 GCSE exams!

We’ve been hearing Freddie talk about his GCSE exams for quite some time now. His results have finally come back, and he’s scored all A*’s on all ten of his exams, which included English language and English literature, maths, Spanish, French, Latin, geography, biology, chemistry and physics. Freddie will now go on to study for his A-Levels, though he is unsure on what subjects he’s taking.

Freddie of course was “thrilled” with the news of the good score.

GCSE = General Certificate of Secondary Education, by the way 🙂



2 Responses

  1. Straight A student. And it seems that he likes to study languanges, I think it’s a good move. English, Spanish, French, Latin??!! Goodness me, he’s really smart to study them. I tried to learn French, but it kills my brain 😀 .

  2. ugh, I’ve been away from a Freddie fan site for too long. With Freddiefan suddenly gone (whatever happened to it!?) i’ve just kinda been moping away from Freddie sites…
    But yay! This is close to it, and I’m suddenly getting hyperactive fan girl symptons back. =D

    ga. I wish we were allowed to take four languages in my school. You get to do two, then eventually you have to do one. ::pouts:: Good job Fredster!

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