New Freddie Photo!

Freddie’s sending out a new picture with autographs! 😀

Here it is:

New Freddie Photo!


3 Responses

  1. …he looks like a pimp. :’D In an awesome way, of course, but rofl, it’s the first thing I thought of. It’s a shame what happened to, but I’m sure this site will be awesome as well, Lacy!

  2. Haha he does sort of, with the collar being popped. I absolutely LOVE this picture, and I think I’m going to finally send away for Freddie’s autograph 😛 (it’s about time, I’ve been a fangirl for 4 years Lol)

    Thanks Petal! 😀

  3. Hi!

    How can I do get Freddies authograph? Have I to meet him on any film festival or just send letter to his agents, and as an answer I’ll get his authograph?
    Please answer on my mail of you can 😉
    Cheers – rogi

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