Fredster Fandemonium EXCLUSIVE!!! – Pic of Bertie!

Here’s a picture of Freddie’s 13-year-old brother, Bertie…


This is an exclusive to Fredster Fandemonium!


14 Responses

  1. Heyy um just wondering, but where in the world did you find this pic?! It’s AWESOMEE… and nice site! I was just bored and I found this so… here I am! But if you don’t want me here just let me know…

  2. Anywayz AWESOME PIC! 🙂

  3. Aww, of course you would know MG. =P
    Yeah, nice picture, and cool website!
    He looks so cute, with the pigeon on his shoulder and everything. ::grins::

  4. *I just realized the “..of course you know MG” meant that she would know about the picture, not that “you” would “KNOW” Mg. =)

  5. Haha… it’s okay. 🙂 anyway, have you heard anything else new on the fredster lately? for me.. nutin… 😦 oh well.. 🙂

  6. Is it really Bertie Highmore….?

    Rep me pls

  7. Yes, Lillian, it is.
    Look at the pics of him that are taken of him standing by Freddie or something. It’s him. 🙂

    …Rep you? Huh?

  8. Wow… oh yeah… Lacy. Do you know WHEN this pic was taken? Was it this year? In the fall… or..? I’m DYING to know!!!!!!!!!! Oh and where did you find this pic? I’m just wondering… PLEASE TELL MEE!! 🙂

  9. Sorry, MG, I have no idea when it was taken. If I had to guess, I’d say 2006 or 2007.

  10. Oh… okay, thanks! 🙂 Hmm… 2006 or 2007? Cool… so where did you find this pic?! I remember trying to look ALL over for it and there was nothing on google! Did you have a connection with someone who knows them? REPLY ASAP! 🙂

  11. I know you probably won’t care about this at all, but I just wanted to say this. I was just looking on Highgate’s school prizes from last year (this school review thing – I know it sounds weird) and it turns out that Freddie got the Silver Robert Zikel Alpha Award (for doing good or something) and Bertie got the Bronze Robert Zikel Alpha Award and the Mallinson Prize. (Which I have no idea what that is…) but anyway, if Bertie or Freddie ever reads this, I just wanted to tell them a late “cOnGrAtS!”

    I know… I was really random that time. 🙂 Sorry! =P

  12. Oh wow. Thanks for posting that MG 😀
    Where did you find it though? I’m on the site and I can’t find it :-/

    Could you post the link? Thanks 🙂

  13. 🙂 Yeah… here ya go:
    But you have to scroll down to see it… for Bertie you have to scroll down 20 times (sorry! lol) on the little down arrow, then from there, you would have to scroll 3 more times to see Freddie’s name. It’s somewhere in there… haha. 🙂

  14. i think bertie highmore is really cute and his brother ,too! i love them

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