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‘Astro Boy’: Teaser and Still Released
November 21, 2008

The first teaser trailer and the first official publicity still for Freddie’s upcoming movie, Astro Boy have been released.

Astro Boy - First Official Still

Still courtesy of Cinematical.

MovieFone released the first teaser trailer, which you can watch in HD here!

Astro Boy is in theaters October 23, 2009.


News on ‘Astro Boy’ Licensing Deals
November 11, 2008

Several things about Freddie’s upcoming movie, Astro Boy, have come out lately, including licensing deals details and news about the teaser trailer!

Movie Set staff were lucky enough to get to see the exclusive Astro Boy trailer, though they were asked by Summit Entertainment to not release the trailer just yet. However, there is good news; Movie Set staff DID give a full synopsis on their blog. It’s also strongly believed that the trailer will be attached to the movie Twilight, which is in theaters in the US on November 21st. (December 19th in the UK)

Here is the full synopsis:

Set in the future, Astro Boy is the classic superhero-origin story about a young robot with incredible powers and his adventure-filled journey in search of his identity and destiny.

In Metro City, a gleaming metropolis in the sky, brilliant scientist DR. TENMA (Nicolas Cage) creates ASTRO BOY (Freddie Highmore) to replace the son he lost, programming him with positive human characteristics and values, and extraordinary super powers. Rejected when he cannot meet Dr. Tenma’s expectations, Astro Boy is dealt a cruel double blow — he learns he is a robot, not human.

Carrying within a power source of positive “blue” energy known as The Core, Astro Boy is sought by the troops of militaristic PRESIDENT STONE (Donald Sutherland), who seeks The Core for the Peacekeeper robot, created as a weapon to dominate Earth.

Escaping the military, Astro Boy crashes to the Earth’s surface. Lost, confused and feigning humanity, he joins a gang of child vagabonds, naively seeing a father figure in their leader, HAMEGG (Nathan Lang). To Astro Boy’s horror, Hamegg exposes him as a robot and tries to turn him into a robot-gladiator. In the Battlebot arena, Astro Boy is forced to face droves of robots. Refusing to fight, he instead protects spectators from his dangerous opponents, winning over the crowd.

Alerted by The Core’s power surge, the military captures Astro Boy, who in turn resigns himself to his fate. As Dr. Tenma removes his energy source, Astro Boy forgives him. Realizing his mistake, he lets Astro Boy escape.

Fueled by negative “red” energy, the Peacekeeper is wreaking havoc in Metro City. Astro Boy returns, fighting the Peacekeeper and saving the city from crashing to Earth. In the climactic battle, the strands of the story come together as Astro Boy accepts his mixed human-robot nature and finds his destiny as mankind’s savior.

Astro Boy

Imangi Studios has also released information about Astro Boy licensing deals!

Imagi Studios announced today that it has signed worldwide licensing agreements with American Greetings, Penguin Group (USA) Inc., Jazwares Inc., D3Publisher and IDW Publishing for Astro Boy, its upcoming CG-animated film based on the adventures of the superhero icon. The studio’s agreement with American Greetings also extends to future Imagi films. Astro Boy, slated for domestic release on October 23, 2009, is being distributed worldwide by Summit Entertainment except for Imagi’s reserved territories of Japan, Hong Kong and China.

American Greetings will be making all sorts of social expression products, including greeting cards, stationery, gift wrap and party goods.
Jazwares Toys will be creating licensed Astro Boy toys. Penguin Group publishers will be releasing a wide range of Astro Boy books. IDW Publishing will be releasing Astro Boy comic books. An Astro Boy video game is also in the works, with D3Publisher.