Freddie is now *confirmed* to be doing ‘A Fox’s Tale’
September 19, 2008

For a while now on Freddie’s IMDb page, it’s shown that Freddie was rumored to be doing the film, A Fox’s Tale. Even after the “rumored” was taken off, it was still hard to know what to think, seeing as no other source was claiming Freddie was going to star in the movie. (or that ‘A Fox’s Tale’ was even a movie, period)

Little Jack

But today, made the announcement, saying:

Freddie Highmore, Bill Nighy, Miranda Richardson and Sienna Miller have joined the voice cast of toonpic “A Fox’s Tale.” Hungary’s George Gat helms from a screenplay he co-wrote with Peter Doka.

Highmore voices a fox called Little Jack, who enjoys a blissful life in the forest until his father, voiced by Phil Davis, is captured and forced to work in the circus. Little Jack enlists the help of a young disabled boy and the daughter of the circus owner in his attempt to set his father free.